Place in the sky
yrelease date: 3/23/2011z
DDCB 8009 /3,000 yen
Akira Wada - guitar
Mansaku Kimura - drums
Jiro Okada- bass
GuestFCher Watanabe(key)1,3,4,6,7

1 Time Warp (Jiro Okada)
2 Mizuumi to Sora(Jiro Okada)
3 Tomorrow (Everything Has Got To Get Better) (Mansaku Kimura)
4 Big Fun (Jiro Okada)
5 Ones (Jiro Okada)
6 Magic Words (Mansaku Kimura)
7 Deep Blue Sea (Mansaku Kimura)
8 Sundog (Akira Wada)
9 Palace In The Sky (Jiro Okada)

Bonus Track
10 Sad Moment (Jun Fukamachi)